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As a website & software industry copywriter, I write the content that…

  • Gets your website found
  • Inspires visitors to take action
  • Keeps them engaged for years to come

What I’ve learned from my past experience as a web developer was this sad fact:

If you build it, they might not come.

A pretty website is just that, pretty. And if nobody sees it, then who cares how pretty it is. And if they find it, take no action, and never return… that’s hurting your business.

So now I’ve turned my attention away from developing websites to writing content for websites. Because… as Bill Gates once said “Content is King!”

Content gets your site found. Content… if its done correctly… can generate trust with your site visitors. Once you’ve developed trust, they’re much more likely to take that next step your call to action requests. In other words: “Get Found, Engage & Convert”.

As you know, your website is on the job 24×7. It’s the face of your company… it’s the first impression for many of your potential clients. I’ll partner with you and provide engaging content that ensures a good first impression, inspires trust in your business, and… not only gets that first sale… but many sales to follow.

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Software Industry

Capitalizing on my 25+ years of technical experience in the software and finance industries I’m your go to guy to…

Software Industry Copy
  • Quickly decipher the benefit your product or service provides
  • Translate the dry technical details into exciting benefits for your target customer
  • Write the ‘How To’ articles & Frequently Asked Questions that allow 24×7 support and service
  • Create tip laden email newsletters that keep your business top of mind
  • Research the keywords, and write the content that gives the best chance for high search engine ranking
  • Create social media content that gets noticed and shared
  • Setup and monitor site analytics that take the guesswork out of your content marketing strategy.
  • … and more

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