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Noel Art Liaison Inc

Noel approached me for a site review. She was unsure if her new recently launched site would help gain her clients. I agreed to take a look and let her know my thoughts.

The Before Home Page

Noel Art Liaison Original Site Home Page

Before analysis

From the standpoint of gaining clients, the home page is the best place to start. You have 3 to 8 seconds with a new visitor to your site. In that amount of time they want to know:

  • Am I in the right place?
  • Do I feel good about this site?
  • What am I supposed to do here?

The before site missed on the first question. Looking at the home page, it is difficult to know what the site is about and if this site is what the site visitor is looking for. It seems the site is about Noel. It does include the term Art Liaison, so it might be about acquiring art, but it could just be about Noel herself? Who knows, maybe she’s a known celebrity and this is about her and has nothing to do with the visitors quest; to find a person who can help them find and purchase artwork.

On the second point, the site is not bad looking and would not scare most visitors away.

On the 3rd question, it is very confusing what the visitor should do next. There are no calls to action and no explanation of what they visitor can find on the site.

Most visitors to this site will most likely leave confused. They could search around to find out more, but most will not want to stay. Too much thinking means bye-bye.

The After Home Page

Starting with the site visitors’ needs, the new home page answers the questions:

After Analysis

Am I in the right place?

The Tagline

The original tagline was about Noel’s love affair with art, but doesn’t answer the question on every visitor’s mind: ‘What’s in it for me?’ (WIIFM)

We recycled an old tagline Noel had used in the past: ’25 years acquiring extraordinary art for extraordinary spaces.’ A perfect 8-word tagline that tells what her company does and her tenure doing it.

The Image

The home page image was also changed to show extraordinary art as the focal point and not Noel. If you notice the focus on the first site was Noel. I explained to Noel that they ‘Don’t care about you!’ As harsh as that sounds, they really don’t. They only care about how you can help them. With that in mind, we used a beautiful image from a sculptural art acquisition Noel had done for a client. The image is professional and suggests high-end art acquisitions. The visitor will get the message that this isn’t just any art liaison, this just might be THE art liaison. I’m intrigued enough to read on.

Below the fold


And then comparing the rest of the home pages we can see that the first iteration answered three questions:

  • Who is Noel?
    • This briefly describes Noel and at this point, we find buried in proverbial website fine print and in language that requires the visitor to deduce what service she provides. Don’t make your visitor think. You’ll lose them faster than
  • What is Noel Art Liaison Inc?
    • A brief description of locations, and a bit on tenure, once again burying the lead and making the user deduce the benefits of working with Noel.
  • What is an Art Liaison?
    • Again too much thinking. I saw a one-sentence review of a website that said this: “Your website made me think… so I left.” Not kidding.


So we set out to improve this and clearly and expediently satisfy the site visitor.

  • Who is Noel
    • We did this in easy-to-read paragraphs focused on the WIIFM principle for the visitor.
      • The first paragraph says what Noel Art Liaison Inc does first and then gives a brief glimpse at Noel’s bio.
      • The second paragraph describes her history, experience and developed skills in 25 years of acquiring and selling art.
  • Why work with Noel?
    • Rather than discuss the business as the original did, we provided the details that help assure the visitor is in the right place. A few bullet points on her skills and a testimonial from a former client who name-drops 3 amazing artists that Noel acquired work from. This served to raise Noel’s credentials as someone who has connections with the best.
  • Services
    • And here we provide more information on the actual services provided.

Now the visitor knows they’re in the right place, knows that Noel is well-versed and knowledgeable, and knows which services she provides.

Now the visitor can choose to explore more if they are so inclined. Do they want to know more about the artists that Noel has connections with? No problem, click the link after the first paragraph or select Artists from the menu. Do they want to know more about what her clients have to say? Click the Testimonials link or select Testimonials from the menu. Ditto for Services.

The moral of the story

Don’t make your visitors think. What we may think is cute, a folksy way of getting to the point, will lose your visitors. Too often visitors are faced with a site that is visually, navigational and/or verbally confusing. Make it clear and straightforward, especially the home page. If you want to get cute or esoteric you can… just get them intrigued first.

SEO – First Page of Google

We optimized the site for the keyword phrase ‘Art Liaison’. After a few months with no additional changes, Google has now moved Noel Art Liaison Inc. to the first page.

As of this writing, the site is in the 9th position, beating out 100s of other sites with more content. Content is king in the SEO world, but knowledge and adherence to SEO rules can raise a sites ranking above those that are not in adherence.

Post Author: Brian J Reed

Brian Reed is the sole proprietor of Your Web Copywriter drawing on 25+ years of experience in the Software and Financial industries.

With experience in Finance and all aspects of the Software Development Life Cycle, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his B2B and Software industry clients.