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A one page website is better than no website at all!

There are many reasons that a multi page website is better for your business and we won’t cover those here.

For this post, we’ll assume you’re just starting out in business, or even that you’re established but you aren’t sure what to do with a website.

Either way, a one page website can accomplish a few things:

Raises the level of trust in your business immediately

When you can point your potential clients to a website you’re telling them that you are serious about your business. It lets them do a little research into you before saying ‘Yes’ to your product or service. This gives them some piece of mind and increases the chance of a future relationship.

Ingredients for a one page website

Your one-page site should have at a minimum, a company logo, a business name, a URL to match your business name (or close if you can’t get exact). It should be a nice design. It should have an image of your product or pertain to the service you provide.

Business information

Contact information. Your business address, email address and phone number.

Your product or services

It should provide a product or service. In other words, they need to know what your business does or sells.

How your product or service helps your prospect

What does your product or service do for your client? In other words, how is your potential client’s life changed after buying from you?

Why is your product/service better than the competition?

What makes the client want to buy the same widget from you that he/she could get from someone else?

A testimonial from a loyal fan

What do others say about your business?

A call to action

What do you want the client to do?

Let’s take an example to better illustrate how this one page website can be the catalyst your business needs.

Let’s say your business is painting houses. Let’s call the business “Acme Paint Company”. Your tagline is… “Color your house beautiful!”
Your backstory is you’ve worked for another house painting company for years and decided you knew enough to break out on your own.

You have your website domain name, your business name, a logo that your friend designed and you like. You’ve decided on the hosting company and you’re ready to create your site.

One page site for ACME Paint Company:

Color is key. Remove the guesswork!
Acme Paint Company
123 S Main St. Anywhere, USA 510 999–9999
The prettiest house on the block!
Imagine driving in to your newly painted home and feeling that sense of pride. 
Your house is the beauty of the block. You’re neighbors are very complimentary
 and maybe a tad bit jealous?

What we do!
Our goal At ACME is a home your are proud to drive up to, proud to have friends
 visit and a house that makes you feel it's all been worth it.

We'll guide you through the process of selecting the right colors and the most 
durable paint. And we take the guesswork out of the color selection.  With our
state of the art technology you'll see in advance what those color choices will 
look like on YOUR home.  No guesswork and wondering if you've selected the 
right pallate.  You'll know how it will look BEFORE we start the project.

Our promise to you!
With many years of industry experience, we come highly recommended by 
our clients and we’ll work hard to ensure we get the same recognition from
you! We provide competitive pricing, a timeline from start to finish and ongoing 
consultation throughout the process. Not sure the color is exactly right? We’ll fix it.

Hear what our clients are saying:
”ACME Paint Company took our house from the scourge of the neighborhood to 
the belle of the ball. We are so pleased with every aspect of their process that 
we have recommended them to our friends, and most importanly, our neighbors, 
which as gotten our neighbor hood to a new level. We’re expecting our property 
value to increase by double. I highly recommend ACME”. 
Dolores P. Anywhere, USA

Call us for a free consultation!
So don’t hesitate to give us a call and we’ll review your project and give you a 
no cost estimate. We’ll even show a computer generated image of what your 
house can look like with the color palette of your choice!

Call us Now! 510 999–9999

Post Author: Brian J Reed

Brian Reed is the sole proprietor of Your Web Copywriter drawing on 25+ years of experience in the Software and Financial industries.

With experience in Finance and all aspects of the Software Development Life Cycle, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his B2B and Software industry clients.