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Let’s face it.  These days, your website is, or should be, the face of your company and your top salesperson.  If it’s not, it is time to take a look to determine why.

  • Is it attracting the right prospects?
  • Is it conveying what you offer in 3 seconds or less?
  • Does it lead your prospects through the steps that ensure they take action?
  • Is it clear how a prospect should take action?
  • And can it be found with a Google search?

Now more than ever, your business must have an online presence. Currently, brick and mortar businesses are a second thought. The first action your prospects take is to check your website. If they don’t like what they see or are confused, they will quickly move on.

To ensure your business success, a well tuned website is crucial. Contact me if you’d like help with a site review.

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Content Creation

Online content is about a few things.

Your Web Content
  • Gaining the trust of your prospect
  • Providing useful information to site visitors
  • Selling a product or service
  • Encouraging site visitors to take action
  • Ensuring Google and other search engines rank your site for the keywords people are searching for.

Please contact me now to discuss how I can help!

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Software Industry

B2B Software Copywriting

With 25+ years of technical experience in the computer software and finance industries, I have the background to quickly understand your project and the written communication skills to highlight your solution’s benefits to persuade your customers.

From white papers to knowledgebase, to email marketing to training documents I’ve created them all.

Now, with the Content and Copywriting training I’ve received from AWAI, I’m able to add persuasive marketing, sales funnels, PPC and SEO to your project.

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